You are your sister's only hope


ELLY is a top down puzzle/action game that was developed by J.A.M.B.S. at Cornell University. Players control ELLY, one of the many psychic experiments at the Next-Gen Labs corporation, in a quest to save her sister and escape from the facility. As players progress through each chapter of the game, they gain powerful new abilities and learn a little more about ELLY's mysterious past.

ELLY debuted at the GDIAC showcase on May 15th. The finished game is now available for free in our download section.


  • Navigate through Next-Gen Labs to save your sister and break free from captivity.
  • Use telekinetic abilities like push and pull to solve puzzles and kill enemies.
  • Defeat intelligent enemies and avoid dangerous hazards.
  • Combine your powers in interesting ways to overcome new challenges

Showcase and Updates

Everyone loved ELLY at the GDIAC showcase! The final version of the game is now available for download.

1 year ago

Beta Release

Beta is out! Only a few weeks left until the showcase!

1 year ago


Newsfeed is up and running! Gallery coming soon...

1 year ago